Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Build Your Own Magnet Power System

My name is Tomas and I have spent a great part of my life working for
power plants and electricity companies. I am now retired and I no longer
fear to share what I have learned over the years. Power companies are
charging you way too much for electricity! They have been using the
recent fuel problems to justify their price increases, but this just
isn't fair to people like you and I.
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Because power production costs are way under what people believe them to be!

Power companies are charging ridiculously high costs for their electricity
because they know that no matter how much they ask you to pay for it, you
will HAVE to pay it. Who can live without electricity, right? I am here to
help you get out of this exploitation circle. My Magnet4Power kit is
going to teach you everything you need to know to reduce your utility bills
to $10 a month or even eliminate them completely. Even better: if you produce
more energy than you use, the power company will actually pay you for your electricity!
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Magnet generators are being sold at prices averaging $3000. I am here to teach
you how to make your own for less than $60!
My Magnet4Power manual is going to teach you everything you need to know to
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Most people believe the only way to get magnet power is to buy factory-built
magnet generators and that it is too costly to be envisageable by average-class people.
WRONG! I am here to show you the OTHER way most people don't know about. The CHEAP way.
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It frustrates me when I see people get fooled by get-rich-quick
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If you only chase after those hyped up illusions every day,
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There does come a point where you have to take a small leap
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The problem is, whose method should you try? After all, your
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The best advice I can give you is to find someone who has done
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Anyways, the POINT is that I reviewed the system.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are you a Traffic Strategy Juggler?


When I say Traffic Strategy Juggler I mean do you rush around trying every traffic strategy which comes on the market from the latest PPC and Adsense ideas to SEO and joint venture suggestions?

In simple terms do you juggle your Traffic Strategies just like a juggler might juggle with china plates or rubber balls?

Never juggling anything for very long and forever moving from one Traffic Strategy to the next Traffic Strategy?

You are not alone, internet marketers are forever dreaming up fanciful Traffic Strategies and selling them on their hype filled sales pages, so it's difficult not to get lost in the false promises and so called guarantees of instant, free and easy traffic!

Most people wanting to run an internet business do just the same, buying into the latest fad software, idea and program.

It's definitely not the way to run your internet business.

And if you follow my suggestions you will even generate more traffic by taking on just one Traffic Strategy…

If you have your own product(s) or sell other peoples product(s) as an affiliate you only need ONE Traffic Strategy…

Just take on one Traffic Strategy, do it properly, focus on that one Traffic Strategy and you WILL reap the rewards.

It's better to operate one tried, proven and tested Traffic Strategy than to jump from one Traffic Strategy to the next, never really getting anywhere, only to eventually give up!

If you have been trying every conceivable Traffic Strategy available its time to clear your desk… focus on the task in hand and get to grips with a Traffic Strategy which works.

If you want to learn from my mistakes and short cut your route to free website traffic you simply can't go wrong by partnering with the World's number one traffic creator… none other than the mighty Google!

I've had tremendous success creating my own Traffic Strategies using Google software.

Software applications make great Traffic Strategies as there are hundreds if not thousands of places who will list your software for free. They even make it free for the end user to download your software and start using it.

If you want to do the same simply follow these steps or skip to the end of this article where I have located a resource so that you can get all this done without all the headaches, months of work and having to pay out thousands in programming costs…

1) Find a suitable software application you think will help to bring traffic to your website(s). Try doing a search on Google for 'software applications' or search for something you think matches the market you are currently in

2) Research the market place for the number of users who are likely to be available to download your software

3) Make sure these users are easily accessible, there's no point developing something if you can't reach the end user

4) Research the number of locations who are likely to accept your software and list it for free download to their users

5) Locate a programmer who can undertake your bespoke programming requirements. In fact you should locate at least 3 so that you can compare abilities, skills and of course quotations. Remember that cheapest is not always the best.

6) Once you have your programmer in place and have given the go ahead you now need to create your website and register your domain. If you intend to sell your software you will need to recruit another programmer to develop and create your propriety systems to deliver your software. This may be a different programmer to the one who is developing your software as not all software programmers are good website programmers.

7) If you want fancy graphics you will also need an arty graphic designer

So there you have, this is what I have done to create my very own Traffic Strategy, it's taken me 6 years to get to where I am now but it's been well worth the wait.

If you don't have 6 years to develop your own Traffic Strategy you can short cut the time and cost by going here.

After all juggling is for clowns and most definitely NOT for internet marketers…

Don't run your business like a clown.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

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New Product Sourcing Directory [Video Tour Included]


I've been nosing around the members area of
the INCREDIBLE directory for a while now. I found
a directory of wholesale suppliers, manufacturers
and dropshippers -- putting you in touch with the best
wholesale suppliers for top quality goods so you never
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Here's just a fraction of what they offer:

A huge variety of wholesale suppliers
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A customer service team online 7 days a week.
If you've got a question, problem, or you can't find
a supplier for a particular product... just jump
online and ask. Average response time for queries is
around 30 minutes!

Legitimate and authentic suppliers for both generic
goods and brand-name goods, including Gucci, Prada,
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Many suppliers with NO minimum order quantities!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Math Gurus knock out a Forex System that never loses

So you have heard of these Automated Forex Systems referred to
as Robots or EA's right? Well we have been fascinated with this
"Automated" idea, I mean who wouldn't want to make money
whether you were sitting in your pajamas or sipping on a
refreshing drink by the pool? Everyone would...including us and
forgive me for being assuming, but I bet you would as well!!

...but there is a problem, all of these "Automated" Forex trading
systems that we have tried out to date, just don't work. Some
of them start out good and then go bad after a few months...and some
just are plain bad to begin with! Don't get me wrong creating an
automated trading system in the Forex markets that can consistently
make you money is not easy.

And that is why we were thrilled to find a New System by the name
of IvyBot. IvyBot is an Automated Forex Trading System that was created
by graduates of the worlds leading mathematical schools. So even though
we were extremely excited to hear this, we wanted to find out all the details.

Here is what we found makes IvyBot the #1 FX Trading System:

* 4 Robot for the price of 1 (Each Robot attacks different currency pairs)
* The creators constantly update the software as the markets change
* The members areas is filled with Instructional Videos making it
easy for anyone to setup
* They have "Real" bonuses that are better than most products
by themselves
* "Real" support via Email tickets, answered in 24 business hours
* Back and Forward testing results that prove it makes money!!!

There are more, but the bottom line is IvyBot is absolutely the best
Forex Trading system on the market...by far.

Make sure you read through the page, watch the introduction video
and the recorded webinar video that was seen by thousands of
Forex Traders the day before IvyBot went live. We guarantee that
you will be impressed!!

Forget all the hyped up systems that promise results, but don't have
any "Real" Forex Pro's behind them. This is the only system that is created
by Forex Pros and will consistenly be updated by them to ensure ongoing

Take a look for yourself:

Good Day & Good Trading,



Groundbreaking Software Program (Free For Limited Time)


Wow...is all I can say.

When I heard that Jeff was giving away memberships
and not charging for this...

I couldn't believe it.

You need to watch the short video and you
will understand...

This is just plain crazy.

Go here now and sign up before he starts
charging $47 per month...


To your success,

Violeta Esplana

Discover My Strategy For Monster Google Traffic


I've found a new course on creating zero cost traffic.

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