Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Product Sourcing Directory [Video Tour Included]


I've been nosing around the members area of
the INCREDIBLE directory for a while now. I found
a directory of wholesale suppliers, manufacturers
and dropshippers -- putting you in touch with the best
wholesale suppliers for top quality goods so you never
have to pay retail price again!

Here's just a fraction of what they offer:

A huge variety of wholesale suppliers
(over 75 categories of products, from DVDs, jewelry
and consumer electronics to prams and strollers
and plumbing supplies.)

A customer service team online 7 days a week.
If you've got a question, problem, or you can't find
a supplier for a particular product... just jump
online and ask. Average response time for queries is
around 30 minutes!

Legitimate and authentic suppliers for both generic
goods and brand-name goods, including Gucci, Prada,
D&G, Versace, Polo, YSL, and Seven, to name a few!

Many suppliers with NO minimum order quantities!

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