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In The Publisher\'s Spotlight: Renowned Marketer Dr. Jeffrey Lant


In The Publisher's Spotlight: Renowned Marketer Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Preface by the Publisher: In this issue we're pleased to
bring you an exclusive interview with internationally known
marketer Dr. Jeffrey Lant. A Ph.D. Graduate of Harvard
University, Dr. Lant has written 16 of the best known business
development and marketing books in the world. Well known
to television and radio audiences internationally, he has also
authored hundreds of practical articles on entrepreneurial
success. His exclusive comments for our readers will help
build your profitable online business starting today.

Publisher:  Dr. Lant, let's cut right to the chase. What
in your estimation is the #1 problem facing folks trying to
build a business online?

Dr. Lant: Without question it's the lack of website inter-
activity. Right now, the average business person online
is trying to make money with a website that's little more
than a glorified bulletin board. They just post information.

Visitors go to such sites and find the only way to get help
is to click on 'contact me', fill out a form and hope for the
best. This isn't customer service. It's customer disservice.
Yes, site owners are trying to get away with constant substandard
service that they themselves would never tolerate in real
life. As a result, they're losing money ever single day.

Publisher: Good point. So where should website owners
start to solve this problem?

Dr. Lant:  First, it's a question of these owners recognizing
the problem. They have to realize that people online expect
the same high level of customer service as they do when
shopping offline. Sadly, this recognition is not yet general.

Second, they have to add the interactive function to their
websites so that their customers can talk to them and they
can talk to their customers. Only a tiny fraction of website
owners have done this so far.

Publisher: So, how do website owners cope with the fact
that the Web is open 24/7 internationally and that they'll
need total site coverage to be able to deal personally and
efficiently with all visitors?

Dr. Lant: Smart companies like Worldprofit, Inc. are
solving this problem. They have developed an amazing
tool called the LIVE Business Center. The LBC is manned
by trained professionals from around the world who
provide live customer service 24/7.

When the website owner wants to deal with his visitor
traffic personally, he presses a button. When he wants
a break and wants the live personnel (Worldprofit calls
them 'monitors') to work with the visitors, he presses
the same button. This way each website owner gets
24 hour visitor coverage. Predictably, their sales soar.

Publisher: As usual, Dr. Lant, you've got your finger on
the pulse of Web success. Thanks for sharing with our

Dr. Lant: My pleasure.

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