Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do You Want Your Ex Back

Most of us have broken up at some point with our partners over something very minor. Perhaps we lost our temper or we got into a silly argument and later regret it. Thankfully these types of breakups are easy to resolve.I want my ex back now is a common problem and one that can easily be remedied.

Or perhaps you have broken up over something more serious. Have you been unfaithful or have lied to your partner? These are bigger problems to overcome but it is not necessarily the end of the road. If both of you are happy to make an effort to reconcile, you can get over almost any obstacle. You may need some professional help from a third party. This may take the form of relationship counseling either as a couple or separately. There are some great books on this subject too which can be very helpful.

You should arrange a private meeting place to discuss your problem. If you meet in private you could express your emotions and either end up having a huge argument or in bed making love. Of course the second option might be enjoyable but it will not necessarily sort out getting your ex back.

Meeting to discuss your relationship is a chance for you both to air your grievances. You should not be discussing of blaming each other but instead discuss your differences. What you want to do is acknowledge that you two have some issues to work through but you want the relationship to work and would like to give it another chance.

Commitment with someone takes work and understanding. Understand that two different person have different thinking about things and how we communicate. Sometimes the way we talk is interpreted by the other person in a different prospective and our tempers prevent us from discussing our problems like adults and we behave like kids.

In getting your ex back, you need to show that you have something special and worth fighting for. Be prepared for some reservations depending on the original reasons for breaking up. Do not try to do things that will provoke jealousy. Make an effort to look your best. It helps if you wear an outfit that you know your partner likes and finds attractive. Use their favorite scent and cologne as well.

Keep the conversation in a civil way and talk about the great times you have shared and your dreams for the future. It may take a while and more than one meeting but in time you may be back together and no longer saying I want ex back now!

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