Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to get my Wife To Love Me Again

It is a tough question you have been asking yourself for a while now. . . "How to get my wife to love me again?"

There are many avenues that need to be explored when coming up with an answer to your question and of course the answers depend on your specific situation and circumstances. But there are some basic strategies that any man can apply towards gaining his wife's love back.

You need to figure out why your wife has stopped loving you.

Here are some common reasons for your wife stop loving you.

The first reason - I've lost my wife's love because I had an affair and she found out.

The second reason - is my wife found someone new that she feels is better than me.

The third reason - I have not stuck to my promises and agreements. I promised her that I would change my attitude or some of the things that annoy her but I have not done so. This has lead to her disappointment and loss of hope on her part.

The forth reason - I neglected my wife in her eyes. I didn't give her the love and attention she needed.

The fifth Reason - I tried to control everything she did. I did not allow my wife enough freedom and space to do what she wanted.

Once you have identified, you can start finding solution to your problem. Many marriages that fail do so because the real problems are not being understood. Communication is a huge part of making the marriage work. Men think differently than women so even if you think you know how your wife feels (because that's the way you feel), chances are you probably don't. So you need to talk to her.

Without the right communication, it is really hard to resolve and kind of conflict, big or small. The right kind of communication will allow your relationship to start and later give your wife the opportunity to share her dreams, concerns, hopes and desires with you.

If your wife has accepted to get back with you again, do not just go back to what was not working. Keep things interesting, do little things together and show her how much you love and appreciate her present.

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